Yes, we do custom colors on all rave clothing!

By Steven Razorblade | June 1, 2017

A lot of people don’t realize it but most all of our items are handmade to order, meaning we can do any color combination you desire for your personal rave clothing style! Most of our items are usually a combination of black and a color but you can still get whatever color combo you want and at no additional charge.

This Yellow & Pink colored coat can be ordered directly from our Striped Fur Hoodie Page without contacting us. The inner fleece color can also be customized by messaging us. Usually when we get a order like this we will message back to see what color inner flee of other color options that we may think looks better but didn’t have an option at checkout. Also you can always contact us before or after you place an order to make sure the colors are all what your looking for.  You can also message us about items not available to order like this yellow and pink Tee. We can still probably do it for you.

Custom color combos are a perfect way to get your rave fashion persona in tune to exactly who you are during rave festival season. Whether it’s Electric Daisy Carnival or an underground warehouse rave, make sure your wearing the colors you were meant to be in!

Custom colors are also perfect for con raves and anime / comic book convention cosplays! You can turn virtually any anime character into an anime rave cosplay outfit using Evolution Division and their custom colors. Be the raver you want to be with any custom color combo you want, available now and forever free at <3