We’re Hiring! Looking for local Fashion Designers and sewers.

By Steven Razorblade | February 27, 2015

Our company has been creating CyberGoth outfits and rave clothing for over 4 years now – how time flies! We have been growing organically from the start and getting our style out on the streets and up in the clubs. 2014 was a big year for us. – we grew significantly and gained many sales. Our 2014 holiday season sales were tremendous and we experienced a bit of a backup. As our products continue to trend upwards in 2015 we need to expand our staff to keep up with orders. In a very short time the spring will be here and with that the rave / festival season will be kicking off… we have BIG plans for this year! In order to meet our goals, we are searching for local Michigan / Detroit metro area sewers to meet the upcoming demand.

We are also looking for new fashion designers. Do you think you have a good eye for CyberGoth / Rave fashion? If so we’d like to hear from you. Please note that designers must be able to pattern / grade and create their clothing and outfits – not just design and draw them.

Sewers must be local and within driving range of the Macomb / Mount Clemens area. Designers out of state will still be considered, however we would prefer a local designer. Positions are available for both work at home and work with us. 

Our style is Goth / CyberGoth / Cyber / Industrial / Post Apocalyptic / Rave clothing and fashion. We create high quality designer clothing.

If you are looking for a sewing position you do not need to be into the goth / rave scene, just a good sewer.

We are currently keeping this informal. You do not need to fill out an application or meet any additional requirements. Positions are flexible. We are looking for both part time and full time. Payment will be discussed per applicant and will be based on skills and position.

If you are interested in working for Evolution Division then send an email with your name, city, phone number and a little about your skills and experiences to sales@evolutiondivision.com

There is no real time limit or deadline on this. Just send us a message, at the rate were growing I’m sure well always have an eye out for new designers and employees.