By NiKKiNeVeRMORe | July 31, 2015


Does anyone remember when we would have weekly outfit sales? They were a huge success, but we discontinued them for a while due to problems arising. We weren’t on top of things as much as we should have been, but we’re now back in action. Now that Evolution Division is full force, we are bringing back the weekly outfit sales for you!! Every Friday, we will have one random item from our collection (or one full outfit) available for a special sales price for one whole week. But that’s not the end of the excitement so don’t go anywhere just yet! You can sign up to our newsletter which will not only send you alerts for the weekly sales, but it will provide you with an additional weekend sale code! All sales will be picked at random so keep your eyes peeled. You just might find your favorite Evolution Divison piece at a special price. We know you don’t want to miss that!
The weekly sale special starts today with our Fusion Rave Outfit. So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for our newsletter to receive a bonus weekend sale code. Be sure to check back every Friday to see what our new sale has to offer you!

This Weeks Sale: Our Fusion Rave Outfit

This sale ends next Friday so hurry. Also if your signed up to our Newsletter you got another VIP only exclusive coupon for another weekend sale item! New sale every week so check back or sign up for alerts.

Author: NiKKiNeVeRMORe

This article was written by one of our models, NiKKiNeVeRMORe. See her latest gallery here and follow her online.