Weekly rave clothing sales are back

By Steven Razorblade | September 2, 2016

Over the past few months we have been slacking on our sales. In the past we have done weekly sales regularly and starting this Labor Day Weekend, our weekly sales there back!This week we’re kicking it off with a Strap & Bondage sale featuring our Cyber Bondage Belts & Cyber Bondage PVC Harnesses. The Harness is 20% off for the week and you can get a free set of straps with a bondage belt order the week. You must buy the belt with straps and then you will have a choice to get a free extra pair. We have recently added a new section to the site that will allow you to buy new straps. Simply having an extra color pair of straps will drastically change the overall look of your outfit or add 2 to the same loop.. or more..

Neither sale this week requires a coupon code. The harness has the sale price applied and for this week only there is a special sale option drop down in the purchase menu on the page.

Make sure you check back every week or new sales updates or sign up to our newsletter to get email alerts. Here are some pictures of this weeks sale items: