Upcoming events December 2015

By Steven Razorblade | December 14, 2015

Back from an awesome adventure in Canada to visit and party with the Dirty Cupcakes crew. We had a fun time at there CyberGoth themed dance night Click Here if you havent seen the pictures from our trip to Toronto. But were not done with December yet and we still have 2 more events to go! So if your in the area come out and party with us at the following events:

First up, this Friday at Smalls bar in Hamtramik Michigan, we are doing a fashion show as part of the Mechanize event. Come out and watch us walk the runway! We are hoping to have the first product in a new product line that every cyber rave girl has been requesting for some time now. Mechanized is this Friday the 18th and we will be hitting the runway around midnight.

Next up, on Monday the 21st, we will be in Ann Arbor Michigan for Necto’s Dark Noel party. We will be bringing along our model Triplesix as the MC for the night. We will aso be doing a givaway at the end of the night and throwing some t-shirts and other items into the crowd. Don’t miss out!

It’s been a crazy December and were not stoping! We have a lot of really cool things planned for 2016 so if your not already, join our mailing list here so you dont miss out on upcoming announcements.