TRIPLESIX Limited Edition Fur Coat.

By Steven Razorblade | February 5, 2016

The TRIPLESIX 2016 Limited Edition DIVINE SPIKE Fur Hoodie is here!!! TRIPLESIX has teamed up with Evolution Division to design a special, more extreme version of our coveted striped fur hoodies… TRIPLESIX has hand picked a super fluffy & cuddly faux fur with a hardcore spiky twist. Like all of our Fur Coats, this fleece lined hoodie will keep you warm and cozy (and lookin’ hella fly) on the coldest of winter days. This special limited edition DIVINE SPIKE hoodie is available in 2 variations: solid black and red (with black spikes) or solid white & black (with white spikes) photo coming soon… HAND MADE to order in Detroit, USA – available in all sizes (custom sizes too) and shipped worldwide!

The reason that this is a limited edition winter jacket is because unlike our other solid color Fur Jackets, This spikey fur is not re-orderable guaranteed and could be discontinued from our wholesaler at any time. We expect this hoodie to be available for the winter 2016 season.

Get your Limited Edition TRIPLESIX DEVINE SPIKE Fur Hoodie here.

Pictures of the full black and white Limited edition DIVINE Hoodie will be up within a week, Here is a picture of the spike fur next to the white fur. This hoodie will be a primarily white hoodie with black & white spike fur stripes.