6 ways to stay warm during the fall rave season

By Steven Razorblade | October 19, 2015

6 ways to stay warm during the fall rave season…

Fall is here but the raves don’t stop! You still got to look good for the club and keep warm at the same time. I’d like to Highlight a couple of items in this post that you should check out for the fall cyber fashion season. These items will keep you warm and in style during chilly line waits and outside rave events.

  • 1

    Fur Shrug

    This may be our most versatile fall item. Our Fur Shrug is perfect for any rave event or festival and also goes well with any other style like CyberGoth, GoGo or Kawaii. This shrug can be accessorized with almost any outfit we offer will keep you wam and dancing hard durring the fall rave season.

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  • 2

    Cyber Rave Fluffies

    While these fluffies are made for year round dancing and raving, they are essential for the fall and winter months. These one of a kind fluffies are like no other pair of fluffies available today and are made from high quality faux fur and PVC Vinyl. They will keep your legs at the perfect dancing temperature all night long even in outside rave festivals. Wear them with a pair of leggings for extra warmth. Unlike most fluffies, our Fluffies are thigh high and go above your knee. This also helps with keeping your legs warm while dancing through the cool fall nights.

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  • 3

    Cyberpunk Hoodie

    A good hoodie is essential for the fall season. Our Cyberpunk Hoodie is handmade with the warm fleece sweater material, but we add PVC Vinyl stripes to the arms for a very neo-cyber fashion look. This unisex hoodie is perfect for any fall rave or club event and made to enhance any cyber fashion look.

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  • 4

    Fur Rave Skirt

    During the fall and winter raving season, it’s always a good idea to get as much fur on you as possible. That’s why our Fur Skirt is the perfect fall and winter rave season skirt option. Made from high-quality faux fur with a PVC Vinyl waiste band, your booty will be nice and warm on the dance floor.

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  • 5

    Long Sleeve Crop Top

    Covering your arms and exposing your torso is the perfect balance for sexy fall rave outfits. This Long Sleeve Crop Top is perfect for any club or festival and fits well with many of our other items. This Crop Top is made with a high quality double knit fabric and has PVC Vinyl stripes on the sleeves and can be worn at a top or as a light crop jacket wits a shirt underneth. Stay warm, stay sexy and rave hard!

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  • 6

    Fusion Shrug

    Saving the best for last we have our Fusion Shrug. The Fusion Shrug is a hooded shrug with PVC Vinyl stripes on the arms and extremely versatile, fitting with almost any item or outfit we offer. The perfect accessory for the Fall Rave Season.

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