Snapchat model takeovers start this weekend!

By Steven Razorblade | June 21, 2016

Today We are officially announcing and launching our snapchat story and we have some amazing things planned for it! Unlike our Facebook page and Instagram feed, our snapchat story will focus more behind the scenes of Evolution Division and on our models. During the week, we will be posting our latest pictures and flash sale coupon codes to our Snapchat story. On the weekends, we will be letting our models takeover our Snapchat account and letting them create unique stories.

This Saturday we have a fashion show at the Liquid Red Bondage Ball. We will be giving our veteran model Panda the keys to our snapchat story. She will be your CyberGoth host for the night giving you a one of a kind behind the scenes story of the nightly events. Every weekend we have something special planned. Not only will we be using our local models but you can expect to see behind the scenes photo shoot story’s from all of our models all over the world! Or perhaps there going to a cosplay or comic convention, a rave or weekend music festival… Wherever the party is at you’ll be able to get the story from our models and from our snapchat.

We will be adding to our snapchat story throughout the week and kicking off with our first model takeover this Saturday night! To follow us on snapchat add our snapchat name CyberFashion (Evolution Division was too many characters >_<) or scan our snapchat code below. If you're in Michigan near Westland, come check out the liquid red bondage ball in person and witness our cybergoth runway show in person. We have a very awesome runway show planned out for the night!

Evolution Division : cyberfashion snapchat schedule:

This Weekend: Panda at Liquid Red Evolution Division fashion show

cyber fashion snapchat

Next weekend: Secret Photoshoot behind the scenes


In 2 weeks: Fox at Broney con 2016

cyber fashion snapchat