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Snake week 2013 [updated]

By Steven Razorblade | June 25, 2015

Sanke Week 2015 coming soon!

Another Throw Back Thursday gallery update! In 2013 we shot our first annual snake week photoshoot. We then never followed up with a 2014 version of snake week but rest assure snake week 2015 is coming soon. Sexy Rave girl in Evolution Division rave outfit + snakes… Were currently setting this shoot up behind the scenes. As most of you know we recently updated our web site to a new look and are re posting old photo galleries with new updated pictures because the old gallery format is no longer compatible with the new layout. So please enjoy our updated reposting with previously unseen pictures and stay tuned for the next installment coming very soon!

Cyber Goth Girls and Snakes, the perfect match <3

As Snake Week comes to an end were posting a gallery of all of the photos into one Ultimate Cyber Gothic Fashion post with snakes! This was one of the funnest shoots we’ve done and it won’t be the last time. Snake Week is now an official annual event! We hope you enjoyed it and we hope you join us again next time. Some of the items in this shoot are our Cyber Goth Fluffies, our Long Sleeve Crop Top, (custom blue color) both our Cyber Industrial Set and our Vampire Apocalypse Set, our PVC Tank Top and our Striped PVC Mini Skirt. Everything can be found in our store on

Photographer: Ein Photo
Makeup: Sarah Fae Belmont