Striped Fur Hoodie

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An Epic Fur Hoodie for your Winter Raves and Festivals. Hand made with the top quality faux fur, this Striped Fur Hoodie is the most unique Fur hoodie in the rave scene! This Hoodie is not just for looks! It is amazingly warm and can be worn as your winter rave coat. This solid fur hoodie will match and go good with any cyber, gogo, kawaii or rave outfit you have and keep you warm in line and in the club. This fur jacket can be paired with our one of a kind, Cyber Rave Fluffies and our Fur Skirt for a truly unique rave outfit that will stand out at any event.


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Fue rave coat sizing

All of our faux fur items are made with soft and thick high-quality fur. These hoodies are made to order in the color of your choice. We offer black or white lining and sleeve/bottom bands. If you want a specific lining color, add it to your message. Otherwise, we’ll choose what we feel looks best based on your color choices.

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This Product is made from Faux Fur.


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