Rave Assassin Outfit v1


The only outfit for your inner assassin. The Rave Assasin Outfit comes in multiple variants. The base of this outfit is our Industrialist Dress, made from a lightweight high-quality stretch poly spandex with PVC Vinyl accents. This form-fitting dress is a killer all on it's own. Each different variants is unique, each adding a different killer style.

Variant 1

This Variant is simplistic, quick and deadly on the dance floor. Perfect for any Rave, EDM Festival or CyberGoth / Industrial dance event. Variant 1 is a 3 piece outfit Featuring the Industrialist Dress Paired up with a matching pair of our one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies and a matching Cyber Choker Collar complete with the bondage loop attachment. Rave hard and assassinate the dance floor with the simplistic style of this variant.

Also available Variant 2, Variant 3

This Outfit is available in a black base color with the following PVC Vinyl accent colors:
vinyl pvc swatches

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