Shake the Planet 3 day Rave Festival / Burch Run MI.

By Steven Razorblade | May 9, 2016

This weekend we will be at Hardcore 313 & Wake up Detroit’s 3 day camping and raving EDM Music Festival in Burch Run Michigan. Hardcore 313 is one of Detroit’s premier rave promoters and throws many amazing dance events throughout the year. Thought the year Hardcore 313 has some can’t miss raves, like Dead World, but this is their first venture into a full multi-day music festival and we’re really excited to attend this soon to be epic event! Find our table in the vendors area if you’re at the event, we will have some new awesome items available there! Check out the massive list of Dj’s that will be sending devastating sonic vibes throughout the campgrounds! All information for this event can be found on the events Facebook page at:

***Wild Woods Stage (Hard Sound Stage)***

Saiyan – Hardcore/DNB (3 deck set)
Jimni Cricket – Hardcore (Seattle)
Kardiak – Hardstyle (Philly)
Ryan Kore – Hardcore (Cali)
Da Lollipop Kidz – Hardcore (Ohio)
Jason Bouse – Hardcore (Indiana)
Dopamyne – Hardstyle (Quebec)
Gabbo – Hardstyle (Toronto)
Cat Like Thief – Hardcore (Chicago)
HappyFixx – Hardcore (Chicago)

:::Other Amazing Acts:::
Turtle Matt – DNB (Indiana)
Nathen Stylez – DNB (Ohio)
Donald Whan Freeform/BBHC (Detroit)
Falcore – Hardcore (Detroit)
Da Bear – DNB (Detroit)
Vampy Vicious – Hardcore (Missouri)
Drum Master Mike – DNB (Detroit)
Egghead – Hardstyle (Detroit)
Sonic Femme – Electro Breaks (Detroit)
ADHD – Hard Dance (Detroit)
Conky – BBHC (Detroit)
E-Tank – J-Core (Detroit)
Dr. Strange – Dutch House (Detroit)
Broley – Garage (Detroit)
Twoven – Techno/Neurofunk (Detroit)
Nova – Dutch House (Detroit)
C.Phear – Jungle/Breakcore (Detroit)
Avant Garde – Hi-Tech/ Psy-Trance (Detroit)
Skell_EXP Drumstep/DNB/Hardcore (Detroit)
Matt & Chuck (Xtasea & Bob Lemon) – Mixed Genre (Detroit)
Mixed Genre/Detroit
Sinister Dosage – DNB (Detroit)
Stephen James – Techno (Detroit)
The Chancellor – Jungle (Detroit)
Cat In The Hat
Untouchable – Dubstep (Detroit)
Philthy Phill – Bass Music (Detroit)

**Sound Utopia Stage (House Breaks Trap Dubstep &DnB Stage)**

Forest Green – Melbourne Bounce (Cali)
Keith Mackenzie – Electro Breaks (Chicago)
Marty McFly – Breaks (Toronto)
Sverre – Melbourne Bounce (Chicago)
Tamerax – Hard Trance (Ottawa)
Gizzmo – Dubstep/DNB (Indiana)
Locked – DNB (Toronto)
Groove Dealer – DNB (Quebec)

:::Other Amazing Acts:::
Mr. Jeffrey Woodward – Garage (Detroit)
Bobby Conway – House (Chicago)
Reign & Bliss – Dubstep (Detroit)
Twizz – House (Detroit)
Squish – Electro (Detroit)
Enjoi – Electro House (Detroit)
Percival (live) Tech House (Detroit)
Billy Bannigan – Techno (Detroit)
Math – Trance (Detroit)
Tommy B – House (Detroit)
Jflame – House (Detroit)
JD Raveman – Tech House (Detroit)
Galiath – Electro House (Detroit)
PerrBear – Dubstep (Detroit)
VanWeezy – Trap (Detroit)
NickyBoom – Trap/Dubstep (Detroit)
Chris Steffen – Tech House (Detroit)
Dash Riot – Dubstep (Detroit)
Disc – Tech House (Detroit)
Evix – Euphoric House (Detroit)
Dj Geo – Trap/Ghetto Tech (Detroit)
Hypnotic – House (Detroit)
Alex Maniaci – Deep House (Detroit)
Symbolton – Techno (Chicago)
OnDemand – Dubstep
Katzmeow – DNB