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Winter Attire for Ravers, Cyber Ravers, Goths and Cybergoths.

By Deanna | November 13, 2014

Just wanted to put up a quick post about our Fur Hoodies and other winter attire for Ravers, Goths and Cybergoths. If your already fans of Evolution Division then you probably have already seen our winter attire options for the goth, cybergoth, rave and festival going community. This post is for people who may not yet be familiar with us or new to the underground cyber rave clothing scene altogether. So without further delay…

Those who are interested in saying warm at there next rave event and looking for an epic rave coat, look no further than our most popular item the Striped Fur Hoodie… This Fur Hoodie / Winter Coat is a truly one of a kind design that any raver or cybergoth should have. Made from high quality fur with a fleece lining, its truly the most stylish and awesome coat ever made! 🙂 Alternatively we also make a solid Fur Hoodie, like the striped fur hoodie, it’s an amazing addition to any Cyber Raver winter attire and also if ordered in black is the perfect update of the original gothic style fur coat, that is if your soul is just to dark for any color. 😉 So if your new to Evolution Division check out our photos below and say warm this winter while raving!!

Here are some photos of our Fur Hoodies. Our hoodies can be found here: Striped Fur Hoodie & Solid Fur Hoodie.

rave coat
cybergoth fur coat
goth fur coat
rave fur hoodie
raver fur hoodie
goth guys fur coat
em girl fur coat
goth girl outfit
fur hoodie
fur hoodie colors
fur hoodie colors

Here is the color swatches of fur that we have available to order from. Yes we can do any color combo from our available fur choices. If you want to replace the black with a different color or do a rainbow design just contact us and well set the order up. Also all fur hoodies are made with faux fur.

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