Rave Pants are now available for all.

By Steven Razorblade | May 3, 2016

Rave Pants are now available for all.

We are pleased to announce our newest item… Our Men’s Raver Phat Pants! These pants have been highly requested and in the works for quite a while. This is our first step into our full men’s line. We have only made women’s rave wear from the beginning of our quest to make this cyber rave fashion company a reality and have been promising a men’s line for the past five years! We did have some men’s items on and off throughout the years but nothing really stuck. We have had numerous requests from guy ravers and even their girlfriends looking for a matching outfit for their cyber rave guys and today we can say we have taken the first full step to having a full men’s collection. A matching men’s rave top is just around the corner that will be perfect for any CyberGoth, Raver looking for a unique outfit for their next music festival, rave or CyberGoth event. Once we release the top we will have an official men’s outfit but we won’t be stopping there, we have many men’s items that we are currently designing.

Men, I know it’s been a long wait but your wait is almost over for having a choice of Men’s Evolution Division Rave outfits to wear. For now, Enjoy our Rave / Phat / Shuffling pants. This style rave pant go by many names. Our Rave pants like all of our items are made from all high quality materials. These pants are made from A high quality stretch denim and have PVC Vinyl accents on them. They are currently available in black denim and your choice of any color PVC Vinyl we offer. We are looking into making these in a white denim so keep an eye out for that update. These cyber rave pants go perfect with our new PVC Vinyl Bondage Belt. Our New Vinyl Bondage Belt offers a good way to keep these pants perfectly tight while dancing, raving, Shuffling or just stomping to your favorite music. They Are made from a high quality PVC and are 100% vegan, cruelty free and guaranteed to last just as long as any leather belt. They come in many colors and have a lot of cool attachable accessories in the works. A post about our belts will be up soon describing them in more detail.

One last secret about the Men’s Rave Pants… There not just for men. There actually unisex! It’s just that we have been promising a men’s line for so long that we decided to label them as men’s, however we know plenty of women that will want these pants as well and size wise they will be perfectly fine on any female who chooses to rock and rave these pants!