Customizable Rave Outfits, Discontinued products & our Summer Sale!

By Steven Razorblade | May 12, 2015

Evolution Division May Updates

A couple things to go over in this update. Firstly, a whole new way to pick the perfect Evolution Division rave outfit for you. Our sets will now have a base version of the set and then many different options to add for different looks all within the same page. For example our first rave outfit to follow this new format is our Cyber Rave Bikini Outfit. It Starts with our Cyber Rave Bra and your choice of PVC Booty Shorts or our new Fusion Shorts. Now you could stop there but we have included extra options that enhance our Cyber Rave Bikini Outfit. That outfit previously came with our one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies but now if fur isn’t your look you now have the option to minus the fluffies and add a Fusion Shurg. Or add the Fluffies AND a Fusion Shrug! Or go with a Sleeveless Fur Shrug instead. We have added quite a bit of options to this outfit and now instead of getting outfits by there default options alone you can chose the options that work best for you. Try it out Check out our Cyber Rave Bikini Outfit now and start customizing!

Our new Cyber Rave Bikini Can Now Take the form of the below looks and more!

New Outfits and discontinued items.

All of our future outfits will now have options similar to those described above. We feel strongly that having the ability to edit your outfit on a single page rather than bouncing around the site looking at all of our items is going to be very beneficial. We have a large selection of rave clothing and sometimes it’s overwhelming to new people who have just found us. Speaking of our large collection of rave wear, It’s time to do something that we haven’t done before and that’s discontinuing items in our product line. In the past items were just added and added, however now has come the time to start getting rid of some of those designs that we have had in our product line. Were starting off announcing a couple designs today but thought the summer we will be doing a lot of updates and phasing out old items in favor for there re designs and updates.

Today were announcing officially the following 3 items will no longer be available through Evolution Division.
Our Little CyberGoth Dress, Apocalypse Tank Top and Cut out Pants are our first wave of cuts. This also means that current outfits that have one of these items will temporarily be placed on “Sold Out” status until we take new pictures of what the new outfit looks like with the new updated items. For example our Cyber Industrial Outfit will now come with our updated Little Cyber Dress along with more options that we talked about in the above paragraph. If you still want to purchase the outfit with the updated items you will need to add them to your cart separately.

Some of our new and discontinued items

Bringing in the new Collection with a Sale!

Our New Summer 2015 collection is slowly being released. we have already shown off many new items and we still have some more that were waiting to show you! The current items like our Newly re designed PVC Vinyl Bra and Fusion shorts are online available and on sale! All Fusion collection items are currently on sale and we will be adding some more as we reveal them. This sale dose not currently have an end date but it will not be lasting long so get your outfit orders in sooner than later! our Summer Sale items can be found in the carousel on the homepage.

Some of our Summer Sale Items. See them all on the Homepage.