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Rave Outfit and Snakes

By Steven Razorblade | Comments: 0 | July 27, 2015

We got rave girls, we got rave outfits and we got snakes & chameleons. So let’s shoot some pictures! Everyone knows cute colorful reptiles are the ultimate way to accessorize your rave outfits. The last time we shot with snakes was 2 years ago as part of our snake week shoot. It was well past time to do another shoot with our scaly friends. Coming up very soon we will be shooting our creature week shoot. We have lots of exotic animals and lots of exotic ladies and CyberGoth / rave clothing for that, so stay tuned. For now enjoy the below gallery. Some of the featured items in this shoot are our: Fur Shrug, Fusion Tank Top, Striped Skirt, Cyber Leg Warmers and Cyber Fluffies. Also check out our new product, the Fusion Shrug!

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