Rave Girls with Exotic Animals. Evolution Division Creature Week gallery.

By Steven Razorblade | August 24, 2015

What do you get when you cross sexy cyber rave girls with exotic animals? The answer is an ultra cute photo gallery! We rave hard and we cuddle hard with these super cute animals! In this shoot we showcase some new items including our all new men’s Cyber Rave Shorts, our new Fusion Shrug and our re designed waistbands on our Fusion Shorts and Fur Rave Skirt. A big shout out to Wild World Zoo & Great Lakes Reptiles for providing these exotic animals. If your looking to buy an exotic reptile and are in the Detroit MI area, please check out Great Lakes Reptiles. If your looking for a traveling zoo that will come to you! Then check out Wild World Zoo based in Jackson MI. Also if you like this gallery don’t forget to check out our previous Snake Week photo Gallery for more rave outfit reptile sexiness!