Rave Girl Pikachu raver outfit [update]

By Steven Razorblade | April 2, 2015

This is our Raver Pikachu rave outfit. It is made up of our Fur Shrug, PVC Tank Top, PVC Booty Shorts and our one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies. This rave outfit was made for con raves and walking around a con with a Pikachu in rave clothing is a crazy experience. You can hardley take more than 2 steps with out stopping for a picture. Seeing this cyber goth raver Pikachu coming at you is a pretty amazing vision. Everyone loves Rave Pikachu and we love this cosplay Evolution Division mash up. We have some new cosplays in the works so stay tuned to this blog!


Because of a recent web site update, most of our old photo galleries to not fit the look of the new site or function properly. Because of that we are updating all of our past galleries and adding new previously unreleased pictures. Every Thursday a new updated gallery debut’s for #ThrowBackThursdays. Check back next week for our latest update!

Evolution Division // Cyber Rave Girl Adventure Club // Con announcement!

For those of you following our clothing company and our blog you will know that we have been partying out of town lately. We have traveled to New York to party with Vampire Freaks for there Cybertron event, multiple Hardcore 313 events in Detroit, Dirty Cupcakes CyberGoth Fetish Dance Party in Canada (this weekend) and we’re now announcing our next adventure! Keeping with the theme of this post we will be traveling to Chicago for ACEN (Anime Central) Con. Were looking forward to raving with the con kids and can’t wait for this cyber adventure to begin. Until then enjoy Rave Pikachu (we have some new amazing raver cosplay ideas were getting ready for ACEN <3) See you there! <3

gallery credits:

Model: Cat
Photographer: Emanuel Ioan Neculai einphoto.com
Outfit: Cyber Rave Fluffies, Fur Shrug, PVC Tank Top, PVC Booty Shorts.