Random CyberGoth club shoot

By Steven Razorblade | July 15, 2015

Since everyone came out to Factory at Necto’s 11th birthday bash, we decided to to a little random photo shoot. First off we want to give Necto night club’s Monday night Goth / CyberGoth / alternative night happy birthday wishes!! Factory at Necto has been one of Michigan’s main goth nights for 11 years! Solid industrial on the upstairs dance floor and rave / electronic downstairs will keep you dancing all night long. Here’s to 11 more years! If your in or around Ann Arbor Michigan on a Monday night come party with us there! For more information about Factory at Necto and to see what events they got coming up check out there Facebook page here: facebook.com/FactoryAtNecto

CyberGoth Club / Alley Photo Shoot.

Like I said above, everyone came out Necto and cameras were on hand so we did a fun little shoot in the club and in the graffiti alley across the street from Necto. This photo shoot is giving you a sneak peak at one of our newest shrugs, the new Fusion shrug. This is only a first look at whats coming. The Shrug won’t be up online until next week. We also have special photo shoot in the works to show it off in more detail, so stay tuned for that! Rez is also wearing our new summer collection fusion tank top and fusion shorts along with our new Cyber Leg Warmers. Please note however other items in this pic are not current designs. This version of the red dress is our 2014 version and both our Fur Rave Skirt and PVC Striped skirts have been redesigned with a new sleeker buttonless waist band. Click here for more information on that. Other showcased items in this shoot are Hooded Crop Top, Sleeveless fur shrug and Apocalypse Shrug.