Rainbow Rave Fluffies and Pride 2016 Gallery

By Steven Razorblade | June 15, 2016

Today we are adding our Rainbow Rave Fluffies as there own separate item available under the Fluffies tab. Previously you needed to contact us directly but we have decided to give them their own product page. Our Cyber Rave Fluffies were already one of a kind Fluffies and our rainbow version is the most unique Fluffies available to date! Because these are a custom color combo of our Cyber Rave Fluffies they are still made with the same high-quality faux fur and PVC Vinyl that we use on our other Rave Fluffies and they will be the same price and fluffy sales will affect both products equally. So if you’re looking to get something for your next rave or dance event look no further. What’s better is these Fluffies will match pretty much any color combo of any of our rave outfits or rave wear. What’s better is coming soon we will have the full Rainbow Rave Outfit shown below available as it’s own separate outfit for an easy 1 item checkout.

Last weekend we went to support our local LGBT community at Motor City Pride Festival in Detroit. We had an amazingly wonderful time and took some fun pictures. Here is a small gallery from our adventures at Motor City Pride Festival. Our girls are wearing our new Rainbow Rave Fluffies along with our newly updated Hooded Crop Top. Also, we will be adding the Rainbow Neko Girl Tails and ears in just a few days to our site. Our Neko Girl Tails will now only come in 2 sizes, Large and Extra Large. Enjoy the pictures and check back soon for more updates.