By Steven Razorblade | March 22, 2016

First, we want to say thank you to Shutocon an anti-bulling anime con in Lansing Michigan. Evolution Division has attended many cons but this was the first con that we set up a table and sold our fluffies and rave outfits at. We had an amazing time and had a lot of deals going at the table. Now it’s time to give our online customers a good deal, so we have decided to do a site wide 16% off coupon. This applies to all of our items from our solid and striped fur coats, (including both the TRIPLESIX and recently announced Adora BatBrat Limited edition coats) to our one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies and you can score our new basic fluffies for only $25 with the coupon!

To get the 16% off all items just use code ANIME16 at checkout.

As a side note, I want to say that we have started dropping prices on some of our fur items and are hoping to continue to through the spring. We, unfortunately, had a price hike this past winter due to a rise in the cost of the fur we use. We use a high-quality faux fur on all of our products and there was a major price hike and inflated shipping cost that forced us to raise the price of manny of our items. This past month we have noticed the price is going back down which is going to allow us to lower our prices back. We have already started with 2 of our items Our Sleeveless Fur Shrug went from $70 to $50! Yes, this is a huge price drop and was not all related to just the fur. The best news is that this week you can get this Rave hood / Sleeveless fur shrug for only $43 with the 16% off coupon!!! Our Cyber rave fluffies have also dropped from $50 to $40 and are only $34 with the sale coupon!!

The coupon is not your only chance to get a good deal, we also had a liquidation rack at the anime con and we were selling a lot of our past demo and photo shoot items for 40% – 60% off. We sold through quite a bit but still have some good items that we will be posting soon that are going to be amazing deals and first come first serve prices. Check back on this post we will be updating it soon with the liquidation information.

Again, a big thank you to Shutocon for putting on an amazing event and a big thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to check us out. This event was also the premiere of our new Blacklight UV reactive PVC Pleated Rave Skirt and our Basic style rave fluffies so if you haven’t seen them yet check them out! Stay tuned and check back often Evolution Division has a lot of things in the works for spring 2016! <3 For more information about Shutocon, visit