12,000 Instagram followers! Thank You All <3

By Deanna | October 31, 2014

We just wanted to put a post up about our social networks and thank everyone who follows us on Instagram. We just hit the 12K mark and are very glad to have such a strong following. Overall, Instagram has a lot of ravers on it and a lot Cybergoths. It’s an awesome social network and if you don’t already follow us were @evolutiondivision or instagram.com/evolutiondivision from the web. We usually post a new pic every day and never post the same pic twice. So if you want a steady stream of Cybergoth / Rave Fashion awesomeness hit that follow button! 13k here we come!

In other Evolution Division social network related news…
Our Google+ Page with only 270 followers is out performing our almost 6,000 likes Facebook page. I think we’ll be taking google plus more seriously from now on. Facebook has just gotten so greedy with Facebook pages that they show such a small percentage of your fans your post unless you pay quite a bit of money for your fans to see your post.

Also our Vampire Freaks page gets updated pretty regularly so if your on that network you can stay up to date with us there as well.