Our Canadian CyberGoth Dance party pics!

By Steven Razorblade | April 7, 2015

We Rave Hard and Dance Harder, but we can’t be confined to our hometown of Detroit! Our Cyber Rave Girls need to stomp there fluffies hard in different dance parties across the country. We need to adventure into the world and find out who’s raving hard and join them! For this Cyber Rave Girls Night Out Adventure, we traveled to Toronto Canada to join up with Dirty Cupcakes Cyber Rave Fetish Dance Party.

The CyberGoth scene in Toronto

Firstly, our scene is made up of Goth, Industrial, Rave and Cyber Dance. It’s an amazing scene and a great group of people who are in it and Toronto’s goth scene is alive and dancing! Firstly we’d like to thank Dirty Cupcakes for throwing such an amazing CyberGoth Fetish Dance Party. Attendance was high and we partied all night long at club Nocturne. This club had a great vibe and 2 rooms with Industrial, Dance and Cyber Dj’s Spinning all night long! The whole scene is super friendly and we made a lot of new friends throughout the night. We want to give a special shout out to the DJ’s for keeping the music flowing and the Fluffies stomping all night long! DJ Prospero, DJ Lazarus, DJ Hangedman, DJ Arthur Volts and SS Tardis.

Our New Canadian Bunny and New Cyber Rave Dress.

Most of you already know Skellie (black outfit) and Kylee (green outfit). But we’d like to introduce Rez (white outfit) Evolution Division’s new designer and Haley (red outfit) wearing her new rave clothing items, including her newly designed Cyber Dress and Cyber Rabbit Ears. And the answer is YES! We’re finally making animal ears!! This is one of the most requested items from our customers. They want ears and tails and now were bringing them to you sexy rave girls out there! Because this was an Easter Dance party we felt that our bunny ears would be the best to show off first but rest assure cat ears and tails are on the way as well. Also if you notice Rez’s legs in her white outfit, the PVC Vinyl Garters are also a highly requested item that we are finally brining to the online store. Over the course of the spring we are going to be introducing A LOT of new items and updating and re designing our current ones. This show only gives you a glimpse at 3 new items and we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you! Though our new Cyber Rave Dress was a big hit it is still getting tweaked but you can expect to see it in the store within a couple of weeks. Speaking of Hayley we will defiantly de doing a photo shoot with her next time we go back to Toronto. She made an amazing Evolution Division cyber rave bunny and was passing out cupcakes all night with coupons for free prizes and discount codes for out rave clothing all night. We gave out a lot of Cyber T-shirts, arm fluffies and our new Cuber choker Collars that night. If you won make sure you represent!

The Gallery

Check out our cyber rave clothing in action below. We had a blast in Toronto and can’t wait to get back! Dirty Cupcakes, Club Nocturne, all the DJ’s and all of our new friends and the scene itself WE LOVE YOU!! Keep it Cyber! *** Due to the fetish nature of this event we did not take pictures of the crowd, just our girls.

Let’s Party

Want us to bring our CyberGoth fashion and rave girls to your party? Tell us where you rave at! Let us know what the best Goth clubs and Rave events are! If there not to far away we may show up.

More CyberGoth Dance pic’s, Gif’s and video on the way. Stay tuned!

Not only Do we have more pic’s, Gif’s and video of these sexy CyberGoth Rave Girls on the way. But we have a whole new adventure lined up in Chicago coming up very soon! So thank you for reading our post and make sure your checking back often!