Our ACEN 2015 Cyber Rave Cosplays!

By Steven Razorblade | May 18, 2015

We had so much fun at ACEN (anime central) in Chicago this past weekend. This was our first group cyber rave clothing / cosplay mashup event that we have done and it was an awesome time! Yes we have done Raver Pikachu in the past but nothing compared to the amazing group of raver cosplays we had this weekend. So many pictures were taken it literally took an hour to walk 10 feet. We can’t wait to find all the amazing picture of our crew floating around online but until then here are a few that we took. We cosplayed, raved, met a ton of new friends! We love you all and can’t wait to see you next year!

Sonic Adventures Cosplay Rave Outfits

First up we had our Rave Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails cosplays! They were so amazingly adorable together it was crazy!! Sonic was cosplayed by Maya Rayne who wore our Fur Shrug, PVC Bra, Fur Skirt and Cyber Rave Fluffies (standard size).

Tails, cosplayed by Tails, AKA Twisted_Tails wore our Sleeveless fur shrug, PVC Tank Top, Fur Skirt, Cyber Rave Fluffies (extra small size – coming soon!) and Rave Arm Fluffies.

Tails also is showing off for the first time our new cat tails! and both Sonic and Tails are also wearing our new Cat Ears! These to items have been requested for a long time and now there here! They will be live and available for purchase by the end of the week so check back soon!

Mortal kombat’s CyberGoth Katana

Kitana, Cosplayed by Skellie Bat wore our new PVC Bra, Flap Skirt (PVC Version), and PVC Choker Collar. Where are Melina and Jade you ask? … They may be making an appearance very soon so keep an eye out for that.

Vocaloids Rin And Miku

Vocaloids. The coolest, sexiest and cutest singers in the world! The Evolution Division group had both Rin & Miku looking very Cyber Sexy!

Rin Cosplayed Cosplayed by Kate Lounghrin This Cyber version of Rin wore our Apocalypse shrug, our new Fusion Tank Top, Our New Fusion Shorts and debuting our all new Fusion CyberGoth Leg Warmers! These leg warmers will be up and on sale by the end of the week!

Miku Cosplayed by Rez wore our Fur Shrug, PVC Tank Top, PVC Striped Skirt and Our New Fusion CyberGoth Leg Warmers. Seriously we can wait to start selling our new leg warmers. There our first pocketed item! This weekends demo testing for this product went amazing lots of attention and great response from our testers. Check back soon for there leg warmers to be live.

Spyro the Dragon

We also had a Cyber Rave clothing mashup between Evolution Division and fashion friend ScoparMonstar. Cosplayed By Panda Monium, her pyro outfit consists of our Fur Shrug and Fur skirt and Scoparmonstars arm & leg dragon fluffies along with her one of a kind dragon tail!

We had a lot of fun cosplaying these rave outfits at ACEN but we will also be getting these outfits back in the studio over the summer for Evolution Division’s Super Smash Sisters photo shoot! Who will win? Find out soon!