Next Level CyberGoth Rave Clothing 2015

By Steven Razorblade | April 26, 2015

Updates to our 2015 CyberGoth Rave Clothing product line

I wanted to take a second to let everyone know that very soon we will be adding and replacing a lot of our rave clothing and outfits. For the 2015 fashion season we will be doing a major update to our CyberGoth rave clothing line. Our current items are being redesigned and we have a lot of new items that will become available very soon. Evolution Division is going to be 5 years old very soon and wile it is amazing and even unheard of in most fashion circles that outfits are being sold for that long without updates, we feel it is time for a style refresh. Not all of our clothing updates will be shown right away but new items will be phasing out the old items. For instance, we have shown our new little Cybergoth Dress in previous updates. This new Cyber Rave Dress will be replacing our current version. This will begin to happen to our full product line through the summer.

Also most of our 2013 / 2014 collection never ended up making it to the store. After our photo shoot and CyberGoth fashion show releases we kept saying that those items would be available soon, however due to technical issues with patterning and sizing issues most of those items never made it to production. We have decided to just announce that those items will be dropped and we will be focusing on our new line.

We have already given you a very small taste of some new items, like the new CyberGoth Dress, our new highly requested PVC Garter Belt and our new Cyber Bunny Ears. We have a series of photo shoots lined up and will have new items in stock when we release them. The new items and re designs will be coming in waves through the summer and we will not have a release fashion show this year. A fashion show is in the works but we will not be holding back our new line of rave clothing. New items will be coming fast and just in time for the summer.


Our new items are items that have been highly requested and we can’t wait to show them off. To give you a little verbal preview well start with animal ears. This has been requested ever sense we first began Evolution Division. People have always wanted cat ears and tails. You have already seen our bunny ears but rest assure cat ears and a tail are on there way along with other animal accessories like wings.. bat wings perhaps? … you’ll have to wait and see. Another highly requested item has always been leggings. Our new Cyber Leggings are on there way along with another massive request, full length tops. Our current tops are all mid drift and crop tops, that will be changing soon as we will have full length top options coming soon. That should giver you a taste of what’s coming but thats not even close to end. We really can’t wait to show you. You should start seeing and being able to purchase all of our new Cyber Style extremely soon.