New sizing for our rave outfits and updated Returns policy.

By Steven Razorblade | June 22, 2015

Recently we tweaked our sizing. This new sizing chart is effective immediately. Over the past 6 months we have been re-designing and been re-patterning our outfits getting better fits for some of our tighter fit PVC clothing and refitting our sizes. We now have a new size chart. The new changes for the most part are not that far off from what they were but the biggest new thing that I’d like to address in this post is out new waist band measurement. The waist band measurement is not a normal thing and we wanted to explain it and explain how it works.

Waistband Measurement

The waistband measurement is something that is unique to Evolution Division outfit sizing. Because all of our items are available in custom sizes we get all shapes and sizes sending in there custom measurements. When it comes to bottoms like our rave skirts and booty shorts, the standard measurement is a hip measurement. This is an industry standard but it still wasn’t good enough for us. because of 2 main reasons, the first being that people sometimes incorrectly measure there hip and go to low or go to high up into the waist measurement and the second reason being that even people who correctly measure there hips correctly sill have preferences on how they like there bottoms to fit. Some girls like a low fit and some like it a little higher. In order to accommodate everyones preference and make it easier to get your custom measurements we have created the waistband measurement. The waistband measurement is essentially where you let your belt hang on your body. The measurement is easy to get. Simply put a belt on, line it up where you normally would and measure it. (please measure it from the inside of the belt to avoid thick belts adding extra inches.) This new measurement should free up a lot of confusion on getting your measurements just right and should allow for much easier better fits.

Our new sizing chart

Here is our new sizing chart. You can also contact us on any order for custom sizing if you feel like you don’t fit into one of these sizes.

Updated Return & Refunds policy.

We also realized that when we updated our web site we never transferred over our refunds and returns section from our old site to the new site. This oversight has been corrected and our Refunds & return policy has been added to our Contact Us page along with some other FAQ’s. Please check out that section but our current policy is as follows:

Because all of our items are hand made we can only provide returns if an item was not made correctly due to our error. If an item is shipped to you damaged or made in-correctly we will pay shipping and fix or send you a replacement. If you ordered an item in an incorrect size or gave us incorrect custom measurements, we may still be able to fix / alter sizing of the item for you but you will need to pay for shipping costs. Please double check our sizing page to make sure you order your items in the correct size. Unfortunately we can not take returns or switch out items that you want in different colors. We try hard to satisfy our customers. If you have a problem with an order you have received please contact us so we can correct the problem.