New Sizing Chart

By Steven Razorblade | July 1, 2016

We have completed an update to our sizing charts. Yes, Sizing Charts with an s. Now that we have a men’s line on the horizon we felt it appropriate to do a review of our sizing and make a new sizing chart for women along with an upcoming chart for men.
The changes we made are not overall bigger or smaller, either way, rather there were some measurements that we felt would be better adjusted. So if you have ordered from us in the past please make sure you take a moment to look over our new sizing chart. Also, there will be a men’s sizing chart that will be available shortly. For now our main men’s item, our Cyber Rave Pants have sizing on the page itself. Late summer before we release our full men’s line we will have a full men’s sizing chart made.

So please, check over our new sizing chart. This chart will start today, but we will also be emailing people who order this month to make sure they are aware of the new sizing chart. You can still, of course, send in custom measurements . If you have any questions about our new sizing chart please do not hesitate to send us a message.