New Rave Items for the New Year!

By Steven Razorblade | December 28, 2016

2017 is approaching quickly and we have a lot of things planned for new year! We are starting by releasing our brand new Cyber Rave Hood! Available today, this hood is the perfect addition to any rave outfit, fits with our rave tops and our rave skirt combos  and even looks good with just a T-shirt underneath. This Cyber hood also fits many different styles from CyberPunk to Cyber Goth, Post apocalyptic fashion and Rave fashion, this cyber hood is incredibly versatile!


Along with our new rave hood accessory, we have a few new T-shirts that we will be releasing this week before 2017 arrives and then we have a few more surprises planned for the first quarter of the new year so stay tuned and check back often!