Need a last minute Rave outfit? Express Items are now available!

By Steven Razorblade | October 6, 2016

On the rack rave clothing, ready to ship.

Up until today, all rave clothing / outfit orders made were hand made to order. This means the order comes through and we make it within a week or 2 and ship it out to it’s destination. One of our biggest challenges as a small cybergoth / rave fashion clothing company is to accommodate people who need an outfit for a rave event, music festival or nightlife party that is happening within a few days. In some cases we were able to rush small orders in time but mostly we were not able to provide ravers with outfits for there events.

Need a last minute Rave outfit?

We are starting to change this situation by rolling out an express next day ship items section. This section will have remade items that are in stock and ready to ship next day. Need a rave outfit by the weekend? Cybergoth party only a few days away? We may be able to get something together for you in time with the help of our Express Items Section. Though this section is starting out small featuring mostly smaller rave accessories like CyberGoth Fluffies and Raver Cat Tails, we will be adding more and more of your favorite rave outfits and cyber fashion accessories through this month.

More rave outfits, bigger selection coming soon.

These items are still hand made with the same high quality as all items available on As an added bonus keep your eye out for express discounted items as well. These are items that were used in photo shoots and are only slightly used. Sometimes we use an item in a photo shoot or two and then sell it a discounted price. We will be posting them, along with many other pre-made rave items and accessories into our express rave clothing section.