More Rave Outfits are on the way

By Steven Razorblade | May 13, 2016

At the beginning of the year, we took down all of our rave outfits because a lot of them had an item of clothing that we knew was going to be updated or phased out. We wanted to start fresh and piece together new full outfits. It took a little longer than expected to start bringing our full rave outfit sets back online but they are starting to make their way back online and available to order again. Throughout the spring and summer, we will be adding many new, and bringing back updated versions of some of our most classic rave, gogo dancing, club wear and CyberGoth outfits. We will be highlighting each outfit individually in upcoming blog posts with their own photo gallery and detailed outfit breakdown. Today we’re announcing that we have a few of the many to come cyber outfits back online and available. The 3 outfits up first are our Cyber Rave Outfit, Master Rave Outfit, and our new Rave Addict Outfit.

Our Cyber Rave outfit is a simple 3 piece outfit made for those who like to rave hard and hit the dance floor all night long. This Cyber outfit comes with our PVC Tank Top, Cyber Rave Fluffies, and booty shorts.

Our Master Rave Outfit was one of our main outfits that is now back online and features many of our signature items. from our one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies with matching arms, Fur Skirt, PVC Tank Top and Sleeveless Fur Shrug, this is a premium Rave outfit for premium rave girls.

Our Rave Addict outfit is a mix of new and classic Evolution Division items. It takes our updated Cropped PVC Tank Top, our Cyber Arm Fluffies and pairs them with our all new UV Reactive Cyber Goth PVC Pleated Skirt and Striped Rave Fluffies. This outfit is universal for many rave events, festivals, clubs and will look good whether you’re going to Electric Daisy Carnival or EBM dancing at Das Bunker.

Expect to see more outfits hoping up soon. We have a lot of new outfits and items that are going to start rolling out so stay tuned and sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates and info.