More pics from our CyberGoth Dance Party in Canada.

By Steven Razorblade | April 8, 2015

More Cyber Rave Party Pics

We found a couple more pics floating around from our CyberGoth Fetish Dance Party in Canada last weekend. These pictures were taken by the event photographer Onsendesign Photography. They turned out amazing and we just had to share them. Check out the full nights gallery here: Dirty Cupcakes CyberGoth Fetish Dance Party Pic’s Facebook Gallery

Photographer – Adrian Onsen:

the Cyber Rave Clothing on our girls.

In the last post we forgot to mention what items the girls were wearing. (besides Hayley showing off our new Cyber Rave Dress) Both Skellie and Kylee are wearing our Long Sleve Crop Top. Skellie’s is the in our normal silver color, made from a double knit fabric and silver PVC stripes on the arms while Kylee’s is a custom color top made from an equally high quality green fabric with gun metal PVC stripes. Kylee wore a matching green fur gun metal PVC Fur Rave Skirt while Skellie wore our Apocalypse Flap Skirt. Both girls had on our one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies. Our last girl, Rachel wore our Cyber GoGo Outfit and was also sporting our upcoming PVC Vinyl Garter product. Special thanks again to Dirty Cupcakes for an amazing time in Canada!