More CyberGoth pics at Cybertron NYC

By Deanna | February 6, 2015

Heres some more pics and gif’s from our trip to New York spreading our CyberGoth Fashion Style across the grid. We partied hard and danced harder at Vampire Freaks presents: Cybertron event featuring Mindless Faith and Velvet Acid Christ. This event rocked hard we were so glad to get out of Detroit for a weekend and come party with the New York goth scene. NYC & Vampire Freaks of course know how to party hard, we were out all night making a ton of new friends and enjoying the CyberGothic vibes of CyberTron. <3 <3 Here some amazing bar shots from City of Dark Angels. They did an awesome job documenting this grand event, you can check out all the pics here on there Facebook Gallery. Below are some of our choice pics of the Evolution Division crew raving the night away. Thanks to everyone we met out there, we can’t wait to come back!!

Because we love making gif’s heres our girls in motion Dancing hard and letting there fluffies shake to that sweet Cyber sound. Dance Hard, Rave Harder!