Eeveelution Division LookBook

Evolution Division + Pokemon Rave Girls = Eeveelution Division :)

Welcome to our Eeveelution Division LookBook! This look good shows off how you can use unique color combinations to create virtually any character as a rave cosplay outfit. In this look book, Evolution Division model Cherry Berry Bomb shows off her Glaceon Eeveelution Rave outfit cosplay! This outfit is perfect for any event but especially flawless for any Cosplay Con Rave. This outfit consists of a Fur Skirt, PVC Tank Top and our one of a kind Cyber Rave Fluffies with matching Arm Fluffies. The best part is that this outfit has a lot of different options for custom colors and can easily be made in any pokemon color combo. Every good cosplay con has a good cosplay rave and now you can have an amazing cosplay rave outfit to dance hard all night in! 


All Pictures in this look book were shot by JustGerald Media. Checkout JustGeraldMedia on Facebook!