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By Deanna | October 22, 2014

Due to facebook’s continued decrease in post reach without paying them (currently less than 8% of people see our posts) we really need to start moving away from Facebook and finding other alternatives to keeping in touch with our fans. We have started to improve our email newsletter to really make it stand out and have a bunch of exclusive content along with links to our current news. Currently, if you want to stay up to date with the latest Cybergoth & Rave outfit fashion, this is your best bet. We have posted our first newly designed email below to show you that this has been completely overhauled. Also plenty of first looks and exclusive content! if you like what you see below, please sign up here:


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Welcome to the new and improved Newsletter.

Big things are in the works for the team Evolution Division newsletter. Each issue will now have permanent sections with exclusive team only content.  Starting with this issue on forward there will be the following sections:
The “Whats New” section will have links to our latest blogs and gallery’s and keep you up to speed on whats new with Evolution Division.
Next our “Exclusive Pics” section will have team only exclusive pictures from our photo gallery’s that are un published.
We then have a “Behind the Scenes” section containing either bts pictures from photo shoots or first looks at upcoming products.
Finally we have our “Team Only Coupon” section where we will have a coupon or offer that is only available to this Team Evolution Division newsletter.  We hope you like our re designed newsletter! Stay tuned there are big things in the works!

What’s New.
New blogs, new photo galleries, new whatever… Keep up with our latest posts below. 

Our first “Girls Night Out” post is up. We had a blast, raved hard and had fun. See our girls and outfits in action! This is just the first of many upcoming Girls Night Out blog posts. Also make sure you check out the video below.


It’s been a wile sense our last newsletter so you may have missed these amazing photo galleries. First our Cyber Vampire Gallery and our Cyber fashion Police Gallery. both of these shoots turned out amazingly so make sure you check them out. <3 

Team Evolution // Exclusive pictures. 

Wether it’s from a photoshoot or behind the scenes, each newsletter will have pictures for team members only. These pictures are only published in this newsletter and won’t be on the site or social networks.  

In this newsletter we have 2 pictures from the CyberGoth Defenders of the Gallaxy photoshoot with Natty Metal & Yaz Punk. These pics came out great but unfortunately they didn’t make it into the gallery. If you Haven’t seen the gallery yet, you can check it out here: 

Behind The Scenes.
This section will host Team Exclusive behind the scenes content like announcements or literal behind the scenes pictures of up coming photo shoots or just the crew working hard sewing.

This newsletter we have something exciting to show you! A new product! Something that we have been working on for a long time now trying to get it just right. Now we have a first look exclusive to team members.

Our Cyber Choker Neckless!!! We are very proud to show you this new cyber accessory that will enhance any outfit you have! Our Cyber Choker is adjustable at both the top and bottom using 2 adjustable clips so you can have a perfect fit. This choker is also very unisex, designed to look good on both guys and girls! Bellow are the first look product pictures, more pictures and photo shoots are in the works. This product is still a couple weeks away from getting released to the public however see the next section to see how Evolution Division team members can get first grabs at this product at a discounted price! 

Team only coupon or offer.
Each newsletter there will be an exclusive coupon or offer only available here for our team.

If you like our new Cyber Choker now is your chance to pre order it at a discounted price before it is released to the public. This item goes on sale Monday November 3rd. All preorders will begin shipping next week so people who are part of Team Evolution Division will have them before they go on sale! and for a discounted price! The standard price for these collars is $20 but pre orders will only be $15 so stock up on your favorite colors. Click here to preorder. Please note that this link is for team members only and this special pre order price will only last for 1 WEEK UNTIL OCT 23RD! 

Click Here to Pre Order.

Thank you.

Thank you for joining our team Evolution Division newsletter. Due to Facebook’s constant decrease in post reach for business pages like ours (less than 10% of people see our posts unless we pay) we will be focusing on this newsletter and making it our primary source of Evolution Division news. It will also always be packed full of awesome exclusive team only content! 

Deanna Abita & Steven Razorblade – Team Evolution Division 

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