How to Model for Evolution Division. CyberGoth / Rave / ALT Models welcome.

By Steven Razorblade | May 7, 2015

How to be a CyberGoth / Rave model for Evolution Division

We get a ton of messages with the same question; How do I model for Evolution Division? Now the answer is simple. Join our closed FaceBook Group called “Evolution Division Modeling Community” In this group we will be posting events for upcoming photo shoots and discussing other fun CyberGoth / Rave Fashion related topics.

More details for our potential models.

Anyone who is interested in modeling for Evolution Division can join this group. (Currently girls only, we will be excepting male models when we have more guys clothing.) We will be posting events there. If you can get to one of our photo shoots you may be able to be in it, it’s that simple. This is also a community meaning that currently we only have shoots planned in the Detroit / Michigan area but once this community starts growing we will have Our Trusted Model Captains creating photo shoot events in other parts of the country that you will be able to join. Stay tuned, this is a new idea that will need some ironing out but the general group rules are below. If this seems like something that you would be interested in go ahead and hit join. <3

Evolution Division Modeling Community closed FaceBook group rules: (copied from the group’s welcome post)

Welcome Models!

You have been invited into this closed group because you are interested in modeling with Evolution Division. In this group we talk about upcoming photo shoots and local / out of town events that we will be attending. Each photo shoot will be added as an event. If you see something that you may be able to attend, you can join that event. The event pages will be where we talk about specifics for that shoot. The aim of this group is to better communicate with existing and potential models, and also make modeling for us more accessible. It will also keep all models up to date, and help those of you that live far away plan photoshoots in your area.


Joining this group: If you are interested in modeling for Evolution Division we will likely add you regardless of past modeling experience. Until you participate in a minimum of 2 published photo shoot you will have the title of hopeful not model. It is ok to be part of this group to see whats going on behind the scenes at Evolution Division even if there are not photo shoots currently planned in your area.
If you are part of this group, you will see behind the scene pics and may know things before we officially announce them. PLEASE DO NOT TALK ABOUT OR REPOST ANY INFORMATION FROM THIS GROUP OUTSIDE OF THIS GROUP. IF YOU DO YOU WILL BE BANNED. (unless it is your content)
Planning and posting a photoshoot: ONLY EVOLUTION DIVISION MODEL CAPTAINS WILL BE ABLE TO HOST & POST PHOTOSHOOT EVENTS. Below is a list of the model tiers and their status. If you are not Captain status but want to plan and set up a shoot, you will need to contact us directly with a request and photo shoot details. We will review it and may post it for you.

Joining a photoshoot: All events will have a date and location. if you see something in your area that you are interested in, FIRST CLICK MAYBE and post a comment expressing that you would be interested. The host of the photo shoot will decide who is going to take part in the shoot and let them know to click the JOIN button. Only people who are confirmed for the shoot by the host may join it. IT IS OK TO CLICK MAYBE EVEN IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND. If you just think it looks like a fun shoot and you want to keep up and get alerts for this event to have a behind the scenes look, go ahead and click maybe.
OUTFITS: WE DO NOT GIVE OUT OR LOAN OUTFITS TO ANYONE BELOW “MODEL CAPTAIN” STATUS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED. If you are at hopeful status and ask us to send you an outfit, your request will be denied (unless you have a large social following of at least 100,000 fans across each of your social networks) When photo shoots are posted, they will have a set number of demo outfits available. (this number may be zero at times). A demo outfit is an outfit that a model can wear and “demo” for the photo shoot. You will not be able to keep it after the shoot unless otherwise noted. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN EVOLUTION DIVISION OUTFIT AND CAN ATTEND A PHOTO SHOOT IT IS MUCH MORE LIKELY THAT YOU WILL BE INCLUDED.

Posting a solo photo shoot event: If you are doing a solo photo shoot with your new Evolution Division outfit, we will not post it as an event. We do however encourage you to post your pics as a post in the group timeline.
Male Models: We will currently only be letting a very limited amount of male models join this group. We do not currently have a guys line and we want to make sure we have proper rules set up for guys so that they stay professional among the ladies.
Photographers: We will currently only be letting a very limited amount of photographers join this group. Photographers will have tiers like models do, and will also be rated and reviewed. If a photographer is unprofessional on a shoot they will be instantly banned. Once rules for photographers are in place we will allow photographers to join.

Posting in this group: It is ok to post relevant topics in this group about Evolution Division, modeling, photo shoot ideas and other things that members may find interesting conversation. Any spam style posts will be deleted and the poster may get banned depending on the post.
If you have a friend that you think would be interested, it’s okay to invite them. We will however ultimately decide if they’re allowed in the group.
If you have any other questions about Evolution Division or this group, you may post in the feed.
These rules will be updated as this group grows, so please check back every now and then to see what’s changed. Updated sections will have an [UPDATED] status next to them.


-Hopefuls. You’ve been invited to the group, but have yet to do any photoshoots for us. If you’re here as an observer, you will stay at hopeful status.
-Evolution Division Model. You’ve done at least two photoshoots that have been approved and published to the official website. You’re now an official model! You’ll be more highly regarded and receive occasional discounts and promotional items.
-Model Captain. This tier is reserved for the most trusted models who provide the highest quality work and are consistently faithful. Besides the owners of Evolution Division, captains are the only people who can organize photoshoots.
-Model Moderators: This group will grow over time and I’m sure we will be recruiting mods to help keep everyone organized in this group. more info on this as it becomes a necessity.
???: I’m sure that as this group grows we will be adding more tiers to it even if there not model tiers.

Thanks for joining! We want everyone to have fun and be part of our modeling community. We look forward to working with you all! -Team Evolution Division