How To Clean your Rave Fluffies

By Steven Razorblade | July 6, 2015

Our how to clean your rave fluffies video is here and just in time for that mid festival season fluffies cleaning. We know you’ve been dragging your fluffies through the dirty grounds of Electric Daisy Carnival, Electric Forest or perhaps you’ve been going to anime cons either way those fluffies probably need a cleaning. In this video we show you the best way to clean your Evolution Division Rave Fluffies. This not only works for your fluffies but all Evolution Division Rave outfits and clothing like our Fur Shrugs, Fur Skirts and our very popular Solid Fur Hoodies. Let us show you first hand the best washing / drying techniques and the best soap to keep those Evolution Division Rave Fluffies clean and fluffy!

ALWAYS BE RAVING!! Music Track was provided by: Reference. One of Detroit’s leaders in the Underground Tech-House scene. Check them out at: