How to Clean your Fluffies. 5 Quick Tips.

By Deanna | April 16, 2014

Fluffie Cleaning Tips

clean fluffies

You will be surprised at how much club floor dirt a simple pet brush can get off the bottoms of your fluffies.

fluffie cleaning

Air dry only. Your Fluffies will get curly and matted if you put them in the dryer.

clean fluffies

Keep it simple. Warm water and a little soap should do the job. Small amounts of dish soap or laundry detergent work well.

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PVC Vinly is pretty resistant to dirt and stains. Over time if your the vinyl stripes loose there shine, a tad of Armor All can bring that shine back.

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Follow these fluffy cleaning tips to keep your fluff looking good.

How to clean your Fluffies. 5 Quick tips.

Keep your Rave Clothing Clean.

A common question we get is “how do I clean my fluffies?” or how to clean your fluffies?. In this post were going to give you some quick tips, how to’s and show some do’s and dont’s when washing your fluffies or any of our other fur rave clothing.

cyber fluffies

We have been meaning to post something like this for a long time. We still have a full in depth video post coming out later, but for now this is just some quick tips. This also applies to all of our fluffy items, not just our Cyber Fluffies. Our Fur Hoodies, Fur Skirts and all other fluffy rave clothing should be treated the same as a pair of Cyber Fluffies.

In these tips we will be using our Evolution Division Cyber Fluffies. These fluffies are made from high quality faux fur and have PVC Vinly stripes, so different rules may apply compared to other brands fluffies. We point out some of those differences compared to cheap faux fur fluffies in the tips bellow. So beware if you are following these tips on cheap quality fluffies, results may differ.

cyber fluffies

Tip #1. – Don’t Wash Unless You Have To.

Lots of times the bottoms of your fluffies are the only dirty part. In most cases your better off spot cleaning your fluffies instead of doing a full cleaning. To spot clean:

  • Use warm water and a bit of dish or hand soap.
  • Use a pet brushon the bottoms and wash cloth above.
  • Always stroke or rub downward.
  • Air dry only, do not put in dryer.

Tip #2. – Do not put fluffies in a dryer.

If you do decide to do a full cleaning on your fluffies, do not put them in the dryer. The reason that you don’t want to put your fluffies in the dryer is because Evolution Division fluffies are made out of a high quality synthetic fur that is going to fluff up when heated over around 150 degrees. To show exactly what will happen we used some scrap fur and washed and dried them in a washing machine and dryer.

Tip #3. – Use a pet brush for a quick clean on the bottom.

If your fluffies are dirty on the bottoms from dragging on a dirty floor all night but the rest are clean, you will be surprised to know that just the bristle side of a pet brush will get a lot of dirt out by just brushing. You can also use a little soap and water if there really bad.

Tip #4. – Cleaning your vinyl PVC.

Our Cyber Fluffies have layers of Vinyl PVC in between the fur. Most liquids will roll right off the vinyl and dirt doesn’t really stick to it, but in some cases you will need to clean your vinyl. For spot cleaning only use warm water and soap. If your Cyber Fluffies had a hard year of raving and the PVC has started to loose it’s shine, you can use a little armor-all on it to bring the shine back.

Tip #5. – Oils?

We get asked a lot about using oils to keep the fur looking new. This is a common thing for real fur not faux fur. Faux fur fluffies or our fur hoodies will not benefit from these oils and we do not recommend using them as the may actually damage synthetic fur.

Let’s sum it all up.

To sum up this quick tip session, The best way to clean your fluffies is by spot cleaning them with a wet cloth and a comb. Remember to air dry only and you should have healthy fluffies.
We do hope to have a full video tutorial available soon so check back but these tips should keep you going until then.