How to clean your Fluffies and Fur Rave Coats.

By Steven Razorblade | January 20, 2016

Every now and then we like to put up a post about how to clean your fluffies and Fur Rave Coats. In this post we’re going to focus on our Fur Rave Hoodies.
The number one question we get from our customers is “How do I clean my rave fluffies and hoodies?” When it comes to our Fluffies that answer is a little easier to answer and if you only have a pair of fluffies to clean then you can watch our “How to clean your Evolution Division fluffies” video that we did last season. That video also lightly covers how to wash your hoodie but were going to put the focus of this post directly on our Fur Rave Hoodies. These coats are much bigger than a pair of fluffies and while you can use a plastic tub like in the video, it is a bit more optimal to use a bathtub to wash this particular fluffy jacket. The steps are pretty straight forward but there are couple things to note. First you need to know that your coat will take a minimum or 3 days to dry! Do not clean your hoodie mid-rave season unless you must or if you do make sure it’s on a Monday with plenty of time to dry before the weekend hits.

Cleaning Equipment:

Before you get started there’s a few things you will need:

Soap – We have tested many cleaning agents on our fluffies over the years and have found that our favorite cleaner is Oxi Clean. It really dose a superior job on the type of high-end faux fur that we use for our fluffies and hoodies. If you don’t use Oxi Clean we recommend a laundry detergent over any other style of soap.

Hanger – before you get started make sure you have a strong plastic hanger that can hold 8 – 15 lbs or even more if you have a 2xl or higher jacket. When this fur hoodie gets wet it is going to suck up a lot of water and get really heavy. A common metal hanger will be very hard to work with when you go to hang your hoodie to dry. Try to find a strong, sturdy hanger before you begin.

Brush – You will need a hair brush. Any common hair brush will do or a comb with a wide bristle gap. This is what we use:

Optional Space Heater – You do not need, but can use a space heater to help speed up the drying process. Please note though that even if you use a space heater it will still be a minimum of 3 days to dry. Space heaters help fluffies dry faster but on a big mass of fur such as our fur rave coats, it’s not as effective.

The Process

Now that you have all of the equipment you need let’s get into the process. It is pretty straight forward. Let’s start with step one.

Fill your bathtub or plastic tub up with warm water and stir in a scoop or two of soap depending on how dirty you think your coat is.

We’re going to be repeating this process so if you just want to add a scoop to start and then add 2 on the next dunk, it’s up to you. If your coat is really dirty, like it was dropped in a puddle or had something gross spilled on it, go for 3-4 scoops!

Once the water is warm and soapy go ahead and dunk your coat in! Rub and agitate the water around your coat, squeeze and rub the fur and fleece and make sure the inside of the arms get soap into them as well. You’re going to want to let your fur hoodie sit for a bit in the water. Depending on how dark the water is by now you will know how dirty your hoodie actually is. Letting it soak for an hour or two will help get all the grime out. If your rave hoodie is literally stained, it is ok to let it soak overnight to try to get the stain out. Once the soaking process is done it is time to repeat.


Rince, Drain, Fill, Repeat.

Repeat the wash process with soap until the water is clear. Sometimes this may take 3-5 washes. Once the rave coat is no longer dirty and soapy water is clean, do a rinse and just fill the tub up with plain water to get all the soap out of your hoodie. Depending on how much soap you used you may have to rinse twice. Once all the soap is out of the rinse water it is time to hang your hoodie up.

Hang the fur hoodie on a hanger and comb it.

After you pull your hoodie out of the rinse water and drain the tub, try to squeeze as much water as you can out of the hoodie but know that because of the fur and fleece it’s going to be very hard to do so. It is ok for the hoodie to be dripping wet during the drying process. Just squeeze out as much as you can and put it on a hanger and hang it on the towel rack in the tub or if you hang it somewhere outside the tub make sure you have a bucket underneath it because it will be dripping for a while. Once it is hung take your comb and comb all the fur downwards like in the picture below. You do not want it to dry nappy and matted. This part is important otherwise, your hoodie will look ratted out when it dries.

Let it dry

You are going to need to let this air dry for a couple days. Do Not Put Your Hoodie In A Dryer! This will ruin your hoodie. Air Dry Only. You can put a space heater in the room to heat the room up and speed up the process slightly but do not put heat directly on the fur hoodie. If you have a small bathroom and use a space heater you can probably get the room temperature up to 80 or 90 degrees. This will help but not as much as you may think. Space heaters work much better on a smaller item like our rave fluffies and fur skirts. Be prepared to wait while your fur rave coat dries.

Rave Hard!

Once the drying process is done put it on and find a rave! Our studies show that you will be able to rave 10 – 20% harder with a freshly cleaned Evolution Division Rave Hoodie!