How to clean your Evolution Division Rave Pants.

By Steven Razorblade | May 19, 2016

With the introduction of our Rave Phat / Shuffling Pants and being that it’s our first primarily male item, we wanted to make a post about how to properly wash your new rave pants to keep them looking their best. Before we go any further I need to go over the one main DO NOT DO with your new Evolution Division Rave Pants.


Because these pants are made with PVC Vinyl, putting them in a high temps true dryer can cause the vinyl to dry out and crack or tear. These pants can be washed in a normal washing machine but do not put them in the dryer afterward. Hang them up to dry. If you do accidently put them in the dryer they may be ok if the temperature was low but do not put them in the dryer on purpose. Even if there is no visible damage it will decrease the lifespan of your pants.

The above paragraph is the basics of washing your Evolution Division rave pants. Over the past weekend, we tested these pants in the worst conditions at a 3 day Rave / Hardstyle Music Festival. It rained all 3 days and the ground was wet and muddy and these pants were raving and dancing in the muck the whole time. These pants are dirtier than your average wear and require some extra cleaning steps. In the next steps we will show you how to do advanced cleaning on your Rave Pants.

Step 1 Fill a bucket, sink or bathtub with warm (not hot) water and add a scoop of Oxyclean. Just like our How To Clean Your Fluffies tutorial, Oxyclean is our preferred soap for all of our Rave Clothing. We feel that Oxyclean works better on PVC Vinyl and Fur than most other cleaners and because these pants have PVC Vinyl on them, we think Oxyclean is your best bet. If you don’t have any or want to use a different cleaner add it to the warm water now.

dirty rave pants

If the bottoms of your pants are muddy and dirty from rave juice and other various festival muck, you can decide to only clean the bottoms of your pants. These pants have a 35-inch leg bottoms and will pick up a lot of dirt. It may not always be necessary to fully wash these pants you may just want to clean the rave juice out of the bottoms.

In this case however, we will be soaking the entire pair of rave pants in the soapy water. Let them sit for 30 minutes to an hour and drain. Depending on how dirty the water was you may want to soak them again. This pair of pants took 2 soakings and a wash to come clean. After you are done soaking them do a rinse with clean water. From here depending on how dirty they were you can give then a second rinse and hang dry them or you can put them in the wash machine for a full wash. Just don’t forget DO NOT PUT THESE PANTS IN THE DRYER! Hang them outside or over a tub and let them air dry to keep your new Evolution Division Rave Pants looking like new.