Halloween Rave Outfit Trick or Treat Weekend Sale. 10% Site wide!

By Steven Razorblade | October 28, 2016

Our favorite time of the year is almost here and were having a Halloween weekend sale on all of our rave clothing and items. This includes both normal items an any item from our new express section with next day shipping. All of our Rave Fluffies, Rave Cat Tails & Ears, Fur Rave Skirts, our new CyberPunk Harness and CyberPunk Belts with straps.. All the treats with none of the tricks! All you need to do is use code: TRICKorTREAT at checkout and get your order in before Halloween is over.

Halloween is just the beginning of the holiday season, many amazing raves, cons and festivals are coming up this season and so are many great sales! If your not already signed up, make sure you add your email to our newsletter list below. Holiday rave sales will be plentiful this season.

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Also, if you haven’t already take a look at our new Halloween Look Books in our new Look Book section. See a few samples below and check out the look books for so many amazing Halloween Rave Costumes.