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Girls of Gotham

By Deanna | November 4, 2014

Cyber Girls, Defenders of the Galaxy.

The Girls of Gotham, Decked out in Evolution Division Cybergoth / Rave outfits. Does it get any sexier than that? These ladies are armed and dangerous. I wouldn’t dare cross them if I were you, there fashion alone will leave you seeing stars.

rave girl girls_of_gotham

Photo Shoot: Girls of Gotham – Photographer: Jermaine Clarke

Models: Nat & Yaz // Dead N Drippin

The Items in this shoot are: Our Cyber Rave Bikini Outfit (Harley Quinn), PVC Vinyl Bra, PVC Vinyl Booty Shorts and Cyber Fluffies. The Leg Warmers on Ivy & Cat Woman are ours but are not currently posted because they are getting a slight re-design and will be posted again soon. Cat womans Hood will also be posted online very soon.

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