Girls Night Out / Mechanized – Detroit. New goth night.

By Steven Razorblade | June 14, 2015

A new Goth Nigh emerges in Detroit. Requiem Thursday nights at the Works. First a little history about the Works night club in Detroit. The Works has been a major underground rave club in Detroit for as long as I can remember. It’s 2 rooms are both small and dark and no matter what style music was playing it always had a true underground vibe to it. This was also an after-hours night club so the parties would go till 6am most of the time. Long before Evolution Division was even an idea we were partying at the works raving hard all night long to Detroit’s best techno Djs. The Works is still as hot as it was in the 90’s hosting packed rave nights every weekend and when we heard that they are going to start opening Thursday nights with a goth industrial night, we of coursehad to check it out. We are super excited about a new goth night being hosted in Detroit’s premiere under ground / after hours rave spot. Evolution Division of course loves both cultures equally and can’t wait to see what this new night evolves into. Currently if your into the Goth scene in Detroit your probably making your way out to Factory Necto Mondays in Ann Arbor about an hour away from Detroit. They’ve been holding down the scene for a wile now and we want to give them props for that, We love Necto! With the recent decline of Detroit’s main Goth Club that shall go unnamed, a few new goth nights have popped up around the area but we are extremely happy to have a new goth night in the heart of Detroit at a club with such an awesome vibe and so much history.


Our Model / Dj – Skellie Bat was spinning great beats all night long in our Industrial Dance outfit Rez and Kylee were both showing off our Fur Shrug and Cyber Leg Warmers and yes Kylee also had on our new Raver Cat Tail. All outfits and items can be found in our store at

Stray Tuned we have a video of the nights events that will be posted soon.