Girls Night Out. Kingz of the Jungle Hardcore 313.

By Deanna | October 12, 2014

Rave Girls party hard, but our Cyber Rave Girls party the hardest. For this, the first in our series of Girls Night Out blog posts, we hit up a local Detroit Rave. Hardcore 313’s Kingz of the Jungle. Hardcore 313 always throws amazing events in Detroit so we knew this was an event we had to hit up! Check out our pics from this amazing event and get ready for more girls night out posts. Next up is Vampire Freaks Presents Cybertron Nov 1st in New York and of course we will be at Hardcore 313’s upcoming Dead World event, which is a can’t miss for anyone in the Detroit area.

Girls Night Out - Hardcore 313

Our Night begins with Dancing.. A mix of Hardstyle, Drum and Bass and of course jungle. The girls were let loose on the dance floor and the good times were starting! Bright lights and deep bass all night long. Could a girl ask for anything more?

Rave Girls raving

Then a little chill out time. The lower level was a chilled place to be. The room was filled with house and trance. We took some time to shoot some pics on the couch and have a drink.

rave girls chilling

Then of course we meet up with as many of the Dj’s as we could. The event was slamming all night thanks to these guys! Everyone did a great job and really made it an amazing event! All there info is under the pic. Make sure you check them out!

Girls and Djs

(from left to right, top to bottom)
Dr. Strange – Electro /Fidget/Dutch – Detroit –Soundcloud
PotPocket – Hardcore – Columbus/Ohio – soundcloud
Locked from Toronto Jump Up/DNB – Mixcloud
Mr. Panda -Breakbeat/Hardcore -Texas – soundcloud
Broley – Garage -Detroit
Dj Sylus
Tenshin – Hardcore/HHC Toronto – soundcloud
Okidam -BBHC/DNB -Detroit – Soundcloud
Donald Whan -hardcroe/breakbeat/ – soundcloud

Then we will leave you with a couple extra pics from the night. But be prepared because we have an amazing video of the night lined up for tomorrow so check back!

rave pics

Check out the video of the nights events below <3