Fur Tails and Ears! New rave accessories section in menu.

By Steven Razorblade | May 24, 2015

After years of requests we have finally made official Evolution Division cat ears and tails to add to or newly re organized rave accessory menu. Our “accessories” menu now has 4 sub sections. Rave Accessories, Cosplay Accessories, CyberGoth Accessories and other. Just hover over “accessories” in the menu to see the new look!

Cyber Rave Ears

Last month we introduced our Cyber Rave Bunny Ears, now we present to you the Evolution Division Cat Ears! Similar to our bunny ears, the cat ears are attached to a headband and have a fur back with a PVC Vinyl inner ear. They can be customized into 3 color combinations. The inner ear color, the main fur color and the tip color. In our Sonic and Tails cosplay Sonic’s color choices were black inner ear with blue main fur and no tip for a solid blue fur ear. Tail’s had a white inner ear with a orange main fur color and a white fur tip. We feel with these 3 color options you will be able to have a wide range of color options. Our Rave style cat ears are also oversized and can work for fox ears as well. This is a long awaited, numerously requested product and we are happy to finally be bringing it to you.

Just click here to see our Rave Cat Ears

Cat Tails

The second most requested item we get is for tails and what better way to show of our new cat tails that with Tails! Our tails also have 3 color options. The top the middle and the tip. Tails uses orange for both the top and mid section and has a white tip. Soon we will have pictures of 3 color tails available but until then know that the color section are 7 inches long. The tail itself is 21 inches of fur with a 6 inch PVC Vinyl strap so you can hook it to any belt and wear it with any Evolution Division product.

Click here to see our Raver Cat Tails.

More pictures to come

We released these items with only having a few of these made for our Sonic and Tails cosplay, but rest assure we have a full photo shoot in the works with many color combos in the works so you will be able to see fully how may color options these fluffy cat ears and tails have. Stay tuned!