The first day of fall is here… Are you ready?

By Deanna | September 22, 2014
The first day of fall is here. Are you ready? I thought I’d put up a post today showcasing some of our popular Fall & Winter Cybergoth and Rave outfits. Wether your hitting the club or a festival you’l want to be in style and theres no better way than Evolution Division to do that. First up is our Fur Shrug.

Rave fur shrug

our Evolution Division Fur Shrug is the perfect addition to any fall rave outfit. This shrug will not only keep you warm and stylish in line at your fall events but is also very flexible in the club or event. Made from High quality faux fur and PVC trim on the outside and lined with a silky fabric on the inside, this shrug is made for easy on off goodness throughout the night. This fur shrug also goes with any outfit easily. It’s very versatile and if your looking for some fall rave attire this should be on the top of your list!

white fur rave shrug

Next, a classic item that can be worn year round but really shines in the fall and winter months. Our one of a kind Cyber Fluffies.

cyber rave fluffies

Our Cyber Fluffies are a one of a kind look that will keep your legs warm and in style in the fall and winter rave events. Yes thats right, rave harder in evolution division cyber fluffies because like all of our products our fluffies are made from the highest quality fur with PVC stripes. Our fluffies are also thigh high, made to go above the knee to add extra warmth to those cold fall and winter raves and festivals. Also don’t forget we have matching Cyber Arm Fluffies to go along with them. Keep your arms warm while raving to!

rave fluffies christmas

If your looking for a simple cyber hoodie with a lot of style, then check out our PVC Striped Hoodie.

cyberpunk cybergoth hoodie

This hoodie looks great on guys and girls alike and will give you that cyber look. Like all of our items these are 100% hand made by us from scratch using high quality materials.

cyber hoodie

Don’t forget after the fall comes winter and theres no better better winter coat than our Striped and solid Fur Hoodies. There is truly no other hoodie like it!
fur hoodie
Our Fur Hoodies are truly unique and made of the highest quality. These were one of our first products and are still the most popular. If your going to rave hard in the winter you really need an Evolution Division Fur Hoodie!

rave coat

Oh don’t forget we have screen printed pull over and zip up hoodies also!
barcode hoodie
Have a good fall everyone and don’t forget to stay warm! <3