EDC Rave Outfits collections v1 available now.

By Steven Razorblade | January 13, 2017

We have started a new rave outfits collection, the EveryDay Cyber Rave Outfit Collection! The new EDC Rave Outfit collection will focus on full rave looks that are simple and are good for every day raving, dancing and festival wear. These full rave outfits will be good value and made to fit good with any of our other rave and gogo dance outfits. Our first version of our EDC Rave Outfit (V1) features our new Cyber Rave Hood, Single Striped Fluffies, a Fur Rave Skirt and Your Choice of Evolution Division rave tee including our new Tokyo Scanners Barcode Logo Tee. Check out the V1 EDC Rave Outfit Below and Keep and eye open for V2 coming very soon! Our Everyday Cyber Rave Outfits collection will also feature guy / unisex full outfits and will be the first full rave outfit option for mens rave wear!

cybergoth hood

green cybergoth hood