Digital Look Book. / Rave Outfits, Cybergoth Style.

By Deanna | October 26, 2014

So we made a little Cybergoth / Rave outfits look book for our table when we have a booth at events. Just a quick little 20 page layout to show off some of our favorite cybergoth style. Anyways we decided to make a digital version so share with all our community. This look book shows off a wide range of our products, from our one of a kind Cyber Fluffies to Cyber GoGo Dance Outfit displayed on the cover. We have compiled it into a PDF document you can preview and download and we will be posting the pages all over our social networks this week. Check it out this is a best of combination from a lot of are past photo shoots.

To see the full Look Book”>Look Book click here or the pictures above.