50 second YouTube commercial. Shot at Dead World 7.

By Steven Razorblade | Comments: 0 | March 4, 2015

First off we had an amazing time at Hardcore 313’s Dead World 7 rave over the weekend. It totally rocked and we raved our ASS OFF! For those who don’t know, Dead Word is one of Detroit’s best underground raves of the year. Dead World is an underground zombie rave filled with over a thousand zombie ravers packed into a warehouse for a nite of hardstyle and electronic music that will wake the dead. Hardcore 313 puts on many amazing shows through the year but Dead World is not to be missed! Again, many thanks to hardcore 313 for putting together another amazing rave! If your from the Detroit area you can learn more about hardcore 313 on there facebook page

We were also at Dead World 7 vending our Fluffies, Fur Skirts, Shrugs and other Rave Clothing we sell as well as shooting video for another Cyber Girls Night Out “Zombie Edition” however this time the video footage turned into a 50 second commercial that we’re airing before Rave and Hairstyle videos on YouTube. Because we just posted our CyberGoth Nurse video 2 weeks ago, we didn’t want to have another new video take the spotlight so soon and because it has been so long sense we advertised on YouTube we figured we’d make the video a quick 50 second spot. So without further ado.. Evolution Division at Dead World 7 in 50 seconds..

The music in the video is from AdHd’s Rave Hard Dance Harder mix inspired by our Rave Hard Dance Harder Cyber t-shirt You can listen to it on his soundcloud page here: Rave Hard Dance Hard Mix on SoundCloud

Also of course we got a couple pics wile we were there. We hope everyone else had an amazing time at Dead World 7 and we’ll see you next Hardcore 313 event! <3 [gallery columns="5" size="medium" ids="45993,46002,46001,46000,45999,45998,45997,45996,45995,45994"]

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