Have a Merry Cyber X-Mass!

By Deanna | December 19, 2014

We just wanted to wish all the CyberGoth Ravers out there a very Cyber Xmas. Thank you all for making our cyber fashion and raver outfits such a success this season. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate all of the love and pics sent in of our lovely customers in our CyberGoth Fashion! We love it and it keep us going to see our goth club wear popping up more and more. Speaking of love, we are very behind on updating our “love” page but fear not we will be posting a lot of cyber love on it soon with a major update! If you want to be featured on it make sure you send us your pics! This year has been such a good year for us and were just really glad to be in the holiday season. We wanted to put up a quick post and let everyone know that cyber fashion is taking off in so many new scenes and we love it so much! We love all of our Cyber Girls and Boys so Munch, Thank you all! Here are some random holiday photos from years past. This holiday season was so busy for us we were not able to do a new Cyber X-mas shoot but fear not many awesome photo shoots are on the way! Anyways I feel Like i’m rambling on… So…. Have A Happy Cyber x-Mas Everyone!!! We have lots of things planned for 2015 so stay tuned!!!