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CyberGoth Vampire Gallery [UPDATE]

By Steven Razorblade | June 4, 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks sense we updated one of our past galleries for throw back Thursday. As you may know we recently updated our web site with a new look and some of our past galleries do not look correct with the new format so were updating them with new previously un-released photos and formatting the galleries to the new look of the site. So without further ado here’s out latest gallery update: the CyberGoth Vampire gallery.

CyberGoth vampire girls do bite, and stab… and look very sexy. These vampires also look good in fluffies and our Vampire Huntress Rave outfit. This is the first part of our latest Cyber Vampire photo shoot. We had an amazing time and love how this shoot came out. We played a lot with colors. Both warms and cool colors and we love the results we got! This photo set features Panda and Shanelle. These two work so well together! and look amazing in there Evolution Division GyberGoth Rave clothing. I have a feeling we will be revisiting the CyberGoth Vampire theme in the future so stay tuned!